We Welcome You to Our Practice

Our Mission

We understand that for many, the thought of going to the dentist is not always a pleasant one. Many patients have had a previously traumatic dental experience, fear the unknown, or worry about the cost of an unmaintained mouth. We are sensitive to these concerns, and want to reassure you that dentistry in this modern age is exciting and the possibilities are endless!  At Smile Honolulu, we believe that every patient has the right to understand their treatment options, ask questions, and choose to do what is right for them.

Smile Honolulu offers a full range of general and cosmetic dental treatmentsat our office to help you achieve your perfect smile, such as teeth whiteningcrownspreventive care, Invisalign, or implants. We utilize the latest in dental technology and techniques in order to offer you the best preventive care and treatment available in Honolulu. 

Relax with confidence at Smile Honolulu.  We care especially for the dental cowardly, and specialize in soft-touch care to give you the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. Please give us the opportunity to show you why Smile Honolulu makes our patients happy!